Welcome to the G.I.G.!

The Yonkers Experience, a joint project of the City of Yonkers and Gotham Innovation Greenhouse, is alive as of June 29, 2016.  Come back over the next few days for more updates and information on this delightful new urban design experience.



The Gotham Innovation Greenhouse is a new kind of “Think Studio”.

Where a “Think Tank” would publish policy research papers, we will produce new scenarios, designs, proofs-of-concept, visualizations, and software tools. Our core team will bring together and support interdisciplinary teams of experts for each project, to make the most of New York City’s most spectacular wealth: creative and ambitious innovators many of whom were born here, and many of whom have come here from all over the world to make their mark. The city has done wonders to attract such human treasures, we propose a framework and environment to provide them with new opportunities to do their best work, by bringing them together with compatible collaborators who may not happen to be employed in the same department, the same organization, or even the same sector, for specific projects addressing systemic needs and goals.

Our purpose is to develop new tools and practices to augment the creative capacity and effectiveness of groups, from project teams to communities and societies.

1. Augmented Collaboration: next-generation ways and means for creative groups, interdisciplinary to inter-sectoral;

2. Deep Social Media: the same, at the scale of New Soft Cities;

3. Future-making: developing alternative scenarios.

The G.I.G. will serve as a gathering place, a laboratory, a showcase, and (as the model is proven and adopted worldwide), a network node.